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Packages & Pricing

Consulting Packages

Marketing and Tech Consulting

Get 2 hours a month of marketing consulting, tech consulting, tech support and tech implementation!

  • Get your website pages built
  • Features and functions implemented
  • Issues solved
  • Marketing Campaigns planned and built
  • Discounted Fee for additional hours

*Support is given via email or Voxer unless specifically implied that a phone/video chat is requested.

** If needing additional time needed a quote will be given as assessed at a discounted rate of $75 per hour

***An SOS call is an emergency like my website gets hacked, the website crashed, my email server is down. These issues can range in time from 1 hr to 24 hours. You get instant access within 1 hr in during work hours and weekends. 




Pay Monthly

No Commitment


Pay Monthly

12 – Month Commitment


Pay Annual

20%+ Discount ($75 monthly)





Have the peace of mind that your WordPress site will be taken care of. No more trying to figure out plugin updates, WordPress updates, things breaking, moving, … and what is a PHP ERROR?

We never plan for our websites to get hacked or a catastrophic error. Prior planning can prevent a 100% loss of your information, loss of business, and losing your website you spent $1000s on and invested a lot of time.

  • Plugin updated
  • Theme Updated
  • WordPress Updated
  • Daily Backups


Cups of coffee consumed a day

Hosting & Maintenance

3-month commitment

$50 monthly


*This does require website migration that is a one-time fee of $100. 

Only Maintenance

3-month commitment

$40 monthly

Only Maintenance

3-month commitment

$40 monthly

All In

Everything + kitchen sink

    You get everything listed above:

    • 2 hrs of monthly support
    • Hosting
    • Maintenance
    • Updates
    • Backups
    • 1 SOS CALL




    • AND free migration

    How many nights of lost sleep you'll have

    Pay Annual



    Here are some questions and answers


    Question – Can I carry hours over from month to month?


    Answer – No. It is on you to book the time and ask the questions.


    Question – Do I have to move my domain?


    Answer – No, your website can exist separately from your domain but we will need access to who or where your domain is.


    Question – There are only 15 – 30-minute blocks of time available, what if my question or need is over that time?


    Answer – Once we understand what your need and question is we will let you know how much time will be needed or used to accomplish the task. This will draw from your monthly allotment first. If additional time is needed we will let you know or provide you a quote.


    Question – How do I communicate with you?


    Answer  – Click on “Get Help”, “Ask Questions”, or “Book a Meeting” link at the top and the bottom of the home page. This will bring you to a hidden page. Choose a category and submit your question. This is the preferred method. VOXER is another alternative for communication. Upon signing up you will be sent a link and added to our group. This is because a simple 5-minute question can quickly turn into a 45-minute conversation (I get chatty). Most of the issues and problems will require research. It’s better to get the issue and schedule time to talk after. 


    Question – What is and is not covered in hosting and maintenance?

    Answer – Hosting is when your website and it’s files live. Your Domain name stays the same but you can point it to different places. Think of it like you keep the same address but you can move homes. WHAT MAINTENANCE IS – Maintenance is the care and feeding of WordPress. We make sure there are adequate backups in case of failure. We update the plugins, update WordPress core files. If anything is needed on the server like a PHP change or increase file size we take care of that as well. WHAT IT IS NOT – We do not change content, update content, change images, update images, add new pages, delete pages, add products to a store, create a store, configure SMTP or reply to notifications. These will handled is you have a monthly hours package. If you have hosting and or maintenance services but no hours we can do any of the above services at a rate of $125 an hour.

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